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Plan Your Year Ahead

Plan your Year Ahead

One of the best ways to cope with the January blues is to start thinking about your next holiday and working out what the next tick on your bucket list will be. You’ll probably find that a lot of your clients are in that space at the moment – which is why it’s a great time of year to remind them of all the amazing adventures that await them in Africa.

Africa remains the best place in the world to see wildlife roaming free in unspoiled landscapes – and going on safari is understandably a big bucket list item for lots of travellers. But there is so much more to Africa – whatever people are into, they’ll be able to enjoy it here.

There are lots of advantages to booking an African vacation early in the year: as the months go by, availability for popular times and destinations can be in short supply. This applies especially to safari holidays centred around the Great Wildebeest Migration or gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda (gorilla permits tend to sell out really quickly).

This is also a great time to take advantage of last-minute green season specials in southern Africa. Relatively few people travel at this time of year, which means that availability is rarely an issue. Many safari lodges offer discounted green season rates, and the bushveld is at its most beautiful. Grass and flowers burst into life after the summer rains, many young animals are born, and migrating birds flock into the region.

It’s hard to imagine a bucket list experience that your clients can’t have in Africa, so here are just a few ideas to help you inspire them to make 2020 the year they fall in love with Africa.

Wining and Dining 
Cape Town and the Cape Winelands have some of the finest restaurants on the continent, where fresh, seasonal ingredients are combined to create delicious dishes inspired by local cultures. These can be paired with South African wines, which are among the best in the world – and certainly the best value. A gastronomic tour can include vineyard tours and wine tastings, and also time spent in coastal reserves to appreciate the country’s marine wildlife.

Underwater Adventures 
From snorkelling with giant whale sharks and manta rays in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to witnessing the drama of the annual Sardine Run, there is as much wildlife action offshore as on dry land. The coast of South Africa offers a range of experiences from meeting penguins to watching whales pass by. Off Africa’s East Coast, coral reefs flourish and can be easily reached on traditional sailing dhows.

History and Mystery
Africa is blessed with amazing cultural diversity. Travellers can spend time learning about the Himba people’s shamanic beliefs in the deserts of Namibia or visit a Maasai shamba in the East African savannah. There are chances to enjoy a morning run with a Maasai warrior or explore the intriguing lanes and alleys of Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

Unforgettable Landscapes 
One of the best aspects of a bucket list trip to Africa is being able to share it with friends and family on social media. There is no shortage of incredible photographic opportunities in Africa. Some destinations seem as if they were made for Instagram, including the startling red dunes of Namibia, the endless vistas of the Serengeti and the misty cloud forests of Central Africa. That’s before we mention the atmospheric ruins of the Swahili Coast or flamingo flocks on the Rift Valley Lakes.

We make sure we always keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in African travel. Whether your clients want a classic African safari, or a bespoke itinerary tailored to their interests, now is the time to start the conversation.

To help make your clients’ African travel dreams come true, contact the Africa traveller specialists at Journey Beyond today.