Azura Benguerra, Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Gorilla Trekking, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Rwanda

Annual Masai Mara Migration, Mara Plains Camp, Great Plains Conservation, Kenya

Authentic Maasai Interaction, Maasai Steppe, Tanzania

North Island, Seychelles

Star Bath, Sanctuary Baines' Camp, Botswana

African Horseback Safaris, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Chobe Chilwero, Chobe, Botswana

Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Grumeti Reserves, Northern Tanzania

Private Aircraft Arrival, Belmond Khwai River Lodge, Botswana

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, Cape Town, South Africa

Flight of Angels, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Welcome to Journey Beyond – Your African Safari Specialist

For over thirty years, we’ve been creating tailor-made African safari experiences. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach. Instead, we take the time to get to know you and understand your African travel dreams. Only then do we create your bespoke African safari itinerary, so that you can experience the best that this astonishing continent has to offer.

Africa is the ultimate destination, with its breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife and fascinating cultures. It’s also our home, and we’d love to have the opportunity to show you around.

Many people refer to an African safari as a once in a lifetime experience, but we pride ourselves on creating experiences so memorable that you’ll want to return.

Let us find you a sanctuary where no-one else can find you.

Why book with Journey Beyond

We believe that the journey is as much a part of your experience as the destination. We’re committed to taking you beyond the tourist traps and clichés to discover the real Africa – hence our name. Africa defies being easily categorised and the reality exceeds even the most colourful descriptions.

Africa has intrigued travellers for centuries, and today it offers something for everyone: pristine, remote wilderness areas; immense herds of wildlife on the move; authentic cultural interactions and vibrant, energetic cities.

Whether you’re looking for glamping, luxury lodges, or world-class city hotels, our expert consultants can create the African holiday you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today and we can start transforming that dream into a reality.


Every destination or accommodation experience we recommend is tried-and-tested. We have first-hand experiences of every destination we sell. If we don’t know it, we won’t send you there. Our team is passionate about African travel, and we travel regularly to ensure that our knowledge is up-to-date (and because we love to explore).


While we’ve built up excellent relationships with many suppliers, we’re not bound to any of them. Our starting point for every bespoke itinerary we create is making sure we understand what you want from your experience, and then we tailor your holiday to you.


Our consultants have different specialities and passions (which means that we can always find the answers you need) but they are united by their love for Africa and its wild places. Between us, we’ve been pretty much everywhere – but that doesn’t stop us regularly seeking out new destinations and experiences, or revisiting old favourites to make sure that we’re recommending only the very best.


Many of our clients have become friends, and we’re known for offering superlative service with a personal touch. We’re only happy if you are, and we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your African safari holiday is perfect in every way.


We’re here for you every step of the way, from the moment you arrive in Africa to the day you leave. We can be easily reached 24/7/365, and while we can’t guarantee particular wildlife sightings, we can promise you that you’ll be extremely well taken care of. We keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of Africa, so that we’re aware of any situations long before they become problems.


We don’t just recommend destinations based on the luxury of their guest accommodation or the quality of the food (although those are important, too). We look beyond the glossy brochures to investigate their commitments to conservation and local communities, and only recommend destinations that have a light footprint and are dedicated to a bright future for Africa.

Let us create lifelong memories for you.


Browse our selection of recommended African destinations – we’re sure you’ll be inspired by Africa’s winning combination of unforgettable experiences and magnificent settings. Whether you want to get up close and personal with migrating herds, experience the thrill of adrenaline adventures or indulge in fabulous luxury, there is always something new out of Africa.

The place names themselves are impossibly evocative and romantic: Serengeti. Okavango. Victoria Falls. Masai Mara. Zanzibar. Are you ready to journey beyond, and experience Africa in all its beauty, majesty and wonder?

  • South Africa - Visit the Rainbow Nation

    South Africa truly offers ‘the world in one country’. With eleven official languages and landscapes ranging from golden beaches to rugged mountains, it has an incredible diversity of experiences. Explore the world-famous Kruger National Park, walk in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps or taste your way through the Cape Winelands. Soak up the urban vibe in Cape Town or Johannesburg, or relive the nation’s compelling history. South Africa is a paradise for everyone from foodies to photographers.

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    Tanzania - Join the Herds; Escape the Crowds

    When you close your eyes and daydream about your African safari vacation, you’re probably picturing Tanzania: rolling golden savannah, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, and restless migrating herds. Investigate the origins of our own species, or visit soda lakes turned pink by flocks of flamingo. Track chimpanzees through the forests of Gombe Stream, or descend into the lost world of the Ngorongoro Crater. Just offshore lie the fabulous spice islands of Zanzibar, so you can combine safari and beach experiences without crossing a border.

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    Seychelles - Indulge in Private Ocean Luxury

    The Seychelles islands are scattered like jewels across the Indian Ocean. Exclusive private islands offer pristine white sand beaches, warm azure waters and spectacular snorkelling and diving. Indulgence is the order of the day, with impeccable service and the opportunity to do as much – or as little – as you want, when you want. On or beneath the waves, you’ll be astounded by the marine beauty and biodiversity, while each private island is a world of luxury and total relaxation.

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    Botswana - Experience the Jewel of the Kalahari

    Botswana is perhaps southern Africa’s premier wildlife destination. Vast protected areas provide sanctuary to myriad species of animal and bird, include reintroduced white and black rhino. The mosaic of habitats that forms the miraculous Okavango Delta wetlands offers secluded, exclusive safari experiences in luxury lodges and tented camps, while the wilds of the Linyanti and Chobe, as well as the expanses of the salt pans and the Central Kalahari, give the ultimate sense of getting away from it all.

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  • Uganda - Discover the Pearl of Africa

    Uganda is in many ways the heart of Africa. A land of ancient kingdoms, mysterious, cloud-wreathed mountains and Rift Valley Lakes, its people are as warm and friendly as its landscapes are awe-inspiring. Discover the source of the Nile (which obsessed early European explorers) and the dramatic Murchison Falls. Marvel at the sheer diversity of birdlife, and trek high into the misty cloud forests in search of endangered mountain gorillas.

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    Mauritius - Find your Paradise

    Picture-perfect tropical islands, with palm-fringed beaches and warm, azure waters teeming with coral reef life. Experience the unique island culture and cuisine – both of which are a melting pot of the different influences that Mauritius has been exposed to throughout its history. Explore more of this island nation by heading inland through fields of waving sugar cane to soaring mountains and lush rainforest. Mauritius offers ample opportunities to be active, and perfect excuses not to be. It’s your choice.

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    Zimbabwe - Hear the Thunder

    Zimbabwe has always been a superlative safari destination - its wide rivers, teak woodlands and granite outcrops make it one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Victoria Falls – or ‘the smoke that thunders’ exerts an irresistible appeal, and has become southern Africa’s adrenaline capital. Beyond the spray, you’ll discover prolific national parks with relatively few visitors, and iconic experiences such as the Mana Pools canoe trail, or waterhole watching in Hwange National Park. Zimbabwe richly rewards further investigation.

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    Namibia - Explore Ancient Deserts and Dunes

    Namibia boasts Africa’s most captivating scenery, with towering red dunes and lonely shipwrecks on the desolate Skeleton Coast. Seek out oases amongst the sand and unique desert-adapted wildlife, or fill your memory colours with the stark beauty and saturated colours of otherworldly settings like Deadvlei. Interact with shamans and nomadic pastoralists, and end with a slice of traditional German cake beneath a candy-striped lighthouse in Swakopmund. Let Namibia take both your breath and your everyday cares away.

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  • Mozambique - Immerse Yourself in a Tropical Idyll

    Mozambique’s almost endless stretch of unspoiled coastline boasts secluded beach and island hideaways, superb diving and excellent blue water fishing opportunities. Delicious fresh seafood (spiced up with traditional peri-peri sauce) means that Mozambique is a treat for the taste buds as well as the eyes. Offshore archipelagoes offer fascinating glimpses into Mozambique’s colourful past, and let you truly escape from it all at a selection of eco-lodges which blend green credentials with unabashed luxury.

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    Zambia - Follow in Livingstone's Footsteps

    Zambia deserves to be a much better-known African safari destination, with its abundant wildlife and mesmerising wilderness areas. Seasonal flooding limits access during some months, but this only adds to the allure. Zambia shares the Victoria Falls with neighbouring Zimbabwe, but has developed its own reputation as the spiritual home of guided walking safaris. It’s also the setting for the ‘other’ wildebeest migration, and still moves to the rhythm of the seasons and the beat of African drums.

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    Malawi - Fall in Love with the Lake of Stars

    Malawi - with its red soils, banana plantations and the freshwater lake that covers much of its area - is quite different to southern Africa. Lake Malawi, with its islands of smooth boulders and unique cichlid fish, demands to be explored, while the rest of the country is full of surprises. From lakeshore fishing villages to high plateaus and enigmatic mountains, Malawi punches above its weight when it comes to scenery, while its people provide the warmest of welcomes.

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    Zanzibar - Savour the Spice Islands

    Explore the rich history of Zanzibar and be drawn into the unique Swahili culture. Get glimpses of island life through the famous carved wooden doors of Stone Town and inhale the scents of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, carried on the tropical breeze. As the call to prayer floats from the minarets, head out to sea on an authentic dhow to fish or dive, returning as the sun sets to experience the night markets and vibrant street life of this ancient trading outpost.

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  • Kenya – Return to the Land where Safaris Began

    Kenya is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of safari destinations: it does everything, and it does it all well. Kenya is etched on the consciousness of armchair travellers the world over, and the reality far exceeds the fantasy. From the migrating herds of the Masai Mara to the semi-arid north, you can seek out red-robed Maasai warriors or the Samburu Special Five, then follow up your safari with some serious beach time on the Indian Ocean coast.

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    Rwanda – Reach Out and Embrace Central Africa

    Rwanda has quietly been reinventing itself as a modern African success story, and a wonderful destination for discerning travellers. Tracking mountain gorillas remains the most iconic experience, but the ‘land of a thousand hills’ has plenty more to offer. The resurgent Akagera National Park provides classic wildlife safari moments, while Rwanda’s unique cultural traditions are a fascinating diversion. Although dwarfed by many other African nations, Rwanda punches above its weight when it comes to eco-friendly, sustainable tourism.

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Africa is amazing - where shall we begin?


Africa offers endless possibilities for your dream vacation. Whether you’re a safari addict or bucket list traveller, heading on honeymoon or introducing your kids to Africa, Journey Beyond can suggest destinations and experiences that combine to create the perfect African adventure.

  • Private Islands
    Private Islands

    Exclusive private island hideaways in the Indian Ocean - perfect for indulgence.

  • Wildlife Safaris
    Wildlife Safaris

    Game drives and walking safaris in Africa’s premier game reserves – where the wild things are.

  • Spa and Wellness retreats
    Spa and Wellness retreats

    Restful, rejuvenating experiences for body and soul, putting your wellness first.

  • Luxurious Rail Journeys
    Luxurious Rail Journeys

    The romance of old-school journeys as you wind your way through incredible landscapes.

  • Intense Wildlife Experiences
    Intense Wildlife Experiences

    Encounter Africa’s most impressive and charismatic: great apes, big cats, and great white sharks.

  • Sports Activities
    Sports Activities

    World-class golfing and horse-riding, plus adrenaline surges from bungy-jumping, whitewater rafting and mountain biking.

  • Giving Back
    Giving Back

    Participate in community upliftment projects and meaningful, sincere cultural interactions.

  • Light Footprint
    Light Footprint

    Destinations that are committed to conservation, local communities, and sustainable eco-tourism.

  • Romance

    Africa is the ideal setting for commitment ceremonies, weddings and honeymoons as you create lifelong memories with your partner.

  • Family-Friendly

    Kid-friendly destinations, lodges and villas designed for multi-generational travel and with plenty of activities for young and old.

  • Sole Use
    Sole Use

    Ensure your privacy by choosing exclusive use villas, boutique hotels, private bush retreats and deluxe mobile safaris.

  • Private Charter
    Private Charter

    Throw away the schedule and travel the way you want to with private aircraft and yacht charters.

Tell us your African dreams – we’ll bring them to life.

What it's like

Don’t just take our word for it. Read through this selection of genuine comments from previous Journey Beyond travellers to get more of an idea of the level of service and type of experiences you can expect from one of our bespoke African travel itineraries. Contact us if you would like a personal referral from someone in your area.

A Selection of Guest Reviews

“You were so right that once I got to Africa all that stress was left behind. The trip was beyond any and all expectations. Everything went exactly as you designed it and we loved it. It was far and away the best trip of our lives. The hotels (all of them) were elegant and had the best service I have ever received.”
Christine, United Kingdom

“I have safely returned from South Africa and Botswana. We had a wonderful trip in Botswana. And even if it was not the first trip it was lovely and overwhelming and mind-blowing at some moments. All was very well organized as I expected. Thanks to Journey Beyond for the perfect organization”
Dona, Belgium

“We can't thank you enough for ALL you did to make our trip absolutely perfect! The itinerary couldn't be improved! Our dinners with you made South Africa come alive...nothing beats being with people in their beautiful home and seeing life in South Africa first-hand. Love to your wonderful family!”
Dedee, United States of America

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