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The Maldives may be a little further from Africa, but they certainly fall within our area of expertise.

As with the Indian Ocean islands closer to our home continent, the Maldives offer paradise island experiences – ideal for honeymooners, but also for families.

The Maldives consist of over 1 000 islands and 26 coral atolls, so naturally beaches are high on the list of attractions. With consistent year-round temperatures, it’s hard to resist the allure of the sand and the warm ocean beyond.

Once you enter the waves, it’s worth looking beneath the surface to get a closer look at the life on the islands’ busy coral reefs, or even swim with whale sharks – the gentle giants of the Indian Ocean.

It’s worth returning to the water’s edge after nightfall to experience the natural phenomenon that is bioluminescence – a glowing display in the water that can rival the stars above. Back on land, be sure to sample Maldivian traditional cuisine – the many intriguing flavours are a result of cultural influences from Africa, India and Arabia. You won’t need to spend long in the Maldives to acquire a taste for these delightful islands, and a genuine fondness for the warm and welcoming people who call them home.

Maldives Itineraries

Symbolic wedding on the beach

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