Madagascar is known as the great red island thanks to its vivid soils.

Once part of Africa, it split away many millions of years ago. Since then, it has gone its own way – both in terms of natural history and culture. As a result, it is arguably the most fascinating of all the Indian Ocean islands.

Madagascar has a high degree of endemicism – that is, much of its flora and fauna is found nowhere else on earth. That includes unusual creatures like fossas, sifakas and of course the adorable ring-tailed lemurs.

Madagascar has its fair share of perfect beaches, but also unmissable destinations including the Avenue of the Baobabs at Morondava and the lush national parks of Masoala and Ranomafana. For coastal scenery, Nosy Be and Ifaty – places where you can enjoy watersports, snorkelling and exploring bizarre but beautiful ecosystems such as spiny forests.

Wherever you go, you’ll meet the Malagasy people. They’re understandably proud of their island nation and its beauty, and of their rich cultural heritage which includes strands from many other nations, all woven together to form a new pattern. They’re invariably pleased to see visitors, and spending time with them will add still further to your Madagascar travel experiences.

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8 Days / 7 Nights: 2 nights Vakona Forest Lodge, 1 night IC Hotel Tana, 1 night Nosy Be Hotel & 3 nights Constance Tsarabanjina


6 Days / 5 Nights: 5 nights Time + Tide Miavana

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10th Dec 2019

Constance Tsarabanjina