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Kenya is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of safari destinations: it does everything, and it does it all well.

Kenya is etched on the consciousness of armchair travellers the world over, and the reality far exceeds the fantasy. From the migrating herds of the Masai Mara to the semi-arid north, you can seek out red-robed Maasai warriors or the Samburu Special Five, then follow up your safari with some serious beach time on the Indian Ocean coast.

Nairobi is ideally placed to be the gateway to East Africa, and it’s very likely you’ll pass through this city during your Kenya vacation. But don’t just fly in and out – Nairobi has more than enough to distract you for a day or two, including some delightful boutique hotels imbued with colonial style and safari chic. These include Giraffe Manor, where you can share your breakfast with some long-necked neighbours – even though the dining room is on the first floor!

Once you leave the city, you might want to catch up with the Great Wildebeest Migration – and perhaps catch the drama of a river crossing – in the Masai Mara, or head east to the rugged wilderness of Tsavo with its notorious maneless lions.

The semi-arid Samburu region in the north of the country is different again, both scenically and in terms of the unusual species that live there. It would take many trips to visit every wildlife location in Kenya, but two of the most vital are Meru (where Elsa the lioness lived) and Amboseli, where you can watch elephant in the shadow of Kilimanjaro.