The very best destinations for African safari tours, as chosen by Journey Beyond.

Welcome to our curated selection of Africa’s ultimate destinations – the very best of this wonderful continent. Prepare to be inspired by places whose names will be familiar – and some which may be new to you. Whether you want to run with the herds or get away from everyone and everything, we can help you find your dream African destination for the best luxury African safari.

Journey Beyond with us and discover the wonders of Africa, from endless plains to palm-fringed beaches and from snow-capped mountains to lush rainforests.


Botswana is perhaps southern Africa’s premier wildlife destination. Vast protected areas provide sanctuary to myriad species of animal and bird, include reintroduced white and black rhino.


Kenya is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of safari destinations: it does everything, and it does it all well.


Madagascar is known as the great red island thanks to its vivid soils. Once part of Africa, it split away many millions of years ago.


Visit Malawi – with its red soils, banana plantations and the freshwater lake that covers much of its area – for a safari that’s quite different to southern Africa.


The Maldives may be a little further from Africa, but they certainly fall within our area of expertise.


Picture-perfect tropical islands, with palm-fringed beaches and warm, azure waters teeming with coral reef life.


Mozambique travel means exploring an almost endless stretch of unspoiled coastline. The country boasts secluded beach and island hideaways, superb diving and excellent blue water fishing opportunities.


Namibia travel can reveal Africa’s most captivating scenery, including towering red dunes and lonely shipwrecks on the desolate Skeleton Coast.


Rwanda has quietly been reinventing itself as a modern African success story, and a wonderful destination for discerning travellers.


The Seychelles islands are scattered like jewels across the Indian Ocean. Exclusive private islands offer pristine white sand beaches, warm azure waters and spectacular snorkelling and diving.

South Africa

South Africa truly offers ‘the world in one country’. With eleven official languages and landscapes ranging from golden beaches to rugged mountains, there is an incredible diversity of South Africa tour experiences to enjoy.


When you close your eyes and daydream about your African safari vacation, you’re probably picturing Tanzania travel: rolling golden savannah, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, and restless migrating herds.


Uganda is in many ways the heart of Africa. A land of ancient kingdoms, mysterious, cloud-wreathed mountains and Rift Valley Lakes, its people are as warm and friendly as its landscapes are awe-inspiring


Zambia deserves to be a much better-known African safari destination, with its abundant wildlife and mesmerising wilderness areas.


Zimbabwe has always been an awesome safari destination – its wide rivers, teak woodlands and granite outcrops make it one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.