The best is probably for us to be in a conversation with one another,

but we will get further faster if we have some initial idea of your requirements.

You have chosen Africa as your next destination, so, now tell us; “Why Africa”, what have you dreamt about and what would you like us to find for YOU in Africa.

Where do we start? In order to plan the ultimate African vacation for you and your traveling companion (s), we need to know what makes you tick!

How old you are, how active, your interests in food, wine, life, nature, sports. Your dislikes, where have you traveled before? Prior to this, what has your ultimate vacation consisted of? Do you want to be private or do you like mixing with other travelers? Sometimes one gets the most out of travel through seeing some of it through the eyes of fellow travelers and the eyes of locals. We need to know you and your preferences in order to ensure that we put together the best itinerary for you.

Don’t forget the boring bits too – when do you want to travel, how long do you want to be in Africa for and of course, where will you be coming from.

It would also help us a great deal if you shared your budget with us. This allows us the opportunity to select the appropriate properties, areas and experiences that suit your preferred style of travel right from the outset.

We’ve told you about us, now it’s your turn to tell us about you!

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